Jingoism revisited

People keep telling me how good things will happen to India if we stop complaining and start doing things. I agree. No amount of armchair philosophy and acerbic cribbing can beat direct action on the ground (italics inspired from The Direct Action Day). NGO’s are doing their bit. Examples like Barefoot College, which do transform […]


My striving for abstractness and ambiguity is all gone and the real context emerges. Next time, I will write in even more cryptic tongue using only pronouns and articles. With that said – now for the real discussion. 1 – Why do we assume that the British were any better than Chengiz Khan or Muhammaad […]

Long time

It’s been a long time since they left us. It’s been somewhat long since we allowed them to send stuff back to us again. Now, we are also doing things for them at half price. We love their football, we love their movies, we love their currency, we love their literature, some of us even […]